We know how busy life can get! So many things to do, appointments and even more to arrange! It can be challenging to find time to do something just for you! Sounds familiar?

That’s what we are here for! Women in Motion is here to create that little moment for you! Time to do a workout, to focus on you to re-load & to re-charge! At WIM we believe that when you feel good, there’s more time to enjoy being you!

And the best thing is when you feel good, your surrounding will benefit too!

Women in Motion

“Enjoy being you!”


We love outdoors! There are so many advantages of being out. That’s  why we prefer to do our workouts in our local parks.

Priory Park, Crouch End – North London

Bishops Park, Fulham, South-West London

‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we’re partly working out via live stream sessions at home.

Nevertheless we understand that for some it will still be difficult to meet outdoors. To give these women a WIM – workout option as well, we also offer online sessions.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest updates.


Who are we?

Qualified trainers in female, pregnancy & postnatal exercise.
Experienced mums & Londoners.

We build communities, spread positivity and offer workouts especially for you!

Jacqueline Wiedemann

A skilled, positive sports enthusiast based in Crouch End!

Co-owner & trainer of Women in Motion

Katrien Zegers-Voetman

An experienced, sporty teambuilder based in Fulham!

Workout sessions
for women

Women in Motion offers different types of workouts:

  • HIIT Workout

Our HIIT class is a general total body workout for you and other all women! Yes, all levels can attend! Everyone works at their own level.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which means we’ll be working on building & improving your general strength level and endurance. If this sounds too technical: all you need to remember is that working out will make you feel better!

  • HIIT Light Workout

HIIT Light is a workout with more focus on core strength and (re)building your endurance levels. The perfect step in between Postnatal & HIIT!

Our HIIT Light class is a general total body workout for those who are fit and have been working out before but who do feel they need a top-up before joining HIIT. It’s the perfect in between workout! You’ll be challenged, are working on core strength, strength and endurance levels in a group set up! Everyone works at her own level, once you feel stronger and confident to (re)join our general HIIT workouts.

  • Pregnant Workout

Pregnant class is a total body workout especially made for pregnant women! All exercises are low impact & adjusted to your changing body.

Our focus is help you to stay fit and remain your strength & endurance. This will not just help you during pregnancy but also when giving birth and your postnatal recovery.

  • Postnatal Workout

Our Postnatal class focusses on recovering, feeling good and getting back in shape in a responsible way. Slowly working on general fitness, feeling stronger and fit. We feel that by working out together you’ll be able to get to know other local mums.

We allow women to attend our workouts from > 6 weeks after giving birth but we strongly recommend you to wait until you’ve seen your doctor for your postnatal check-up.


Crouch End

Tuesday            09:30am                 HIIT Light

                          10:30am                 Pregnant & Postnatal + babies

Wednesday      07:00pm                Combined (HIIT, Pregnant and Postnatal)

Thursday          10:00am                 Pregnant & Postnatal + babies

Saturday           09:00am                 HIIT

                          10:00am                 Pregnant & Postnatal

Fulham (from April 29th)

Tuesday           09:30am                  Pregnant & Postnatal + babies

                        10:30am                    HIIT Light & HIIT

                        07:00pm                  Combined (HIIT, Pregnant and Postnatal)

Thursday         09:30am                  Pregnant & Postnatal (+babies)

                         10:30am                   HIIT Light & HIIT


Tuesday           09:30am                  Combined (HIIT, Pregnant and Postnatal)    

Wednesday      07:00pm                Combined (HIIT, Pregnant and Postnatal)

Saturday          09:00am                 Combined (HIIT, Pregnant and Postnatal)


WIM offers the following membership options:

  • Monthly                   £70,-
  • Flex card 5x             £65,-   
  • Flex card 10x           £125,-
  • Single drop in          £15,-

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Women in Motion Side Plank



“Women in Motion workouts are the best! I cannot them recommend enough. Jacqueline and Katrien are amazing trainers and they take time to get to know you. They know exactly where you are at and challenge you accordingly. I’ve started training with them post partum when my body needed to recover and they took the best care of me building strenght in me and get me back in shape. Then I was ready to transition to HIIT workout which I absolutely love. It is a great community of women and it is great to be part of it. Since the lockdown we are training online and it is what is keeping me sane and fit! Thank you Women in Motion!”

“Being pregnant in a world with so much uncertainty can be overwhelming, but I truly look forward to the 3 live workouts each week to focus on my health and am so grateful for the positive energy amongst pregnant mums in the same boat.”

“I have been training with Jacqueline during my whole pregnancy. Now that my baby is 4 months old and I’m at home with one toddler and one baby Women in Motion workouts are one of my highlights of the lockdown and really my only me time. I love these workouts. Jacqueline and Katrien are great motivators, emphatic and positive. I loved exercising in the park but I was also impressed when I saw that these ladies are fantastic even on the screen. Higly recommended 🙂 🌈”

Pregnant, Postnatal and HIIT

Frequently asked questions

1. I am pregnant. Is it ok for me to workout?

Definitely! Gynaecologists and midwifes recommend women to be active during pregnancy at least 3 times a week. Working out with Women in Motion (WIM) is safe and the exercises and workouts are designed for your changing body! Pregnant workouts at WIM help you to stay & feel fit during pregnancy.

2. When I can I start working out again after giving birth?

You are welcome to join Women in Motion Postnatal classes from 6 weeks after giving birth or any moment after that! We’ll start with low impact and take with exercises that are adjusted for postnatal women we’ll help you to get back in shape.

As much as we love to see you joining our workouts, we strongly recommend to wait until you’ve had your 6 week postnatal checkup and get clearance from your gynaecologist, midwife or GP.

3. What’s a HIIT class?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Expect a fun and challenging combination of strength & cardio exercises! Perfect for every woman who wants to stay or get fit and train the whole body during a Women in Motion HIIT workout.

4. How fit do I have to be to join a WIM workout?

All women & fitness levels are welcome to join! At Women in Motion we work with small groups and we adjust workouts to everyone’s needs.

5. What makes Women in Motion different from other workout programs?

We believe in strong women. We believe in YOU! Strong does not simply mean building muscles or being able to do 50 burpees. Maybe for some of us, but definitely not all women and that’s fine! However we do believe that we feel better when you workout and get active! All at your own level! When working out endorphins are released. These endorphins are molecules released by our brain. They are responsible for creating a feeling of well-being. That “happy feeling”. At Women in Motion we love to workout with you and increase the release of endorphins! Enjoy being you! You are worth it!

6. Do you offer Personal Training?

We believe in the together is better concept! Sharing experiences and growing together!

Although we don’t offer personal training we do find it very important to be able to give you personal attention and feedback. Therefore we train in small groups.

7. Where does WIM train?

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8. What about COVID-19?

We follow the official governmental rules and guidelines.

9. Can I bring my baby?

Of course you can bring your little one. We have several members who bring their babies to our workouts. Just keep in mind that our classes are here for you! We will focus on your workout during our classes.

NOTE: due to current COVID-19 regulations and group size restrictions it is unfortunately not possible to bring children to our outdoor workout. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to allow and welcome little ones again.

10. What do I bring for a workout with Women in Motion?

Just you and a water bottle!

4. What is a Pregnant workout?

Expect a fun and total body workout with a combination of strength & cardio!

What’s the different then? All exercises are low impact & adjusted to your changing body. Our focus is help you to stay fit and remain your strength & endurance. This will not just help you  during pregnancy but also when giving birth and during the postnatal stage.

5. What is a Postnatal workout?

The first 6 weeks after giving birth are very precious and special weeks. After nine months you finally get to meet your little one(s).

But apart from it being very special it is also a very intensive period and it can be very tough. Your little one is new to this World, you are getting to know each other, while on the other hand your body is recovering. There’s hormones, new experiences and your life changes completely. It may well feel a little overwhelming.

At Women in Motion we understand this and we know what it feels like to give birth and to have a baby.  Our  Postnatal workout, focusses on getting recovering, feeling good and getting back in shape in a responsible way.   Expect an adjusted & fun total body workout with a combination of strength & cardio!

Do you have any other question? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!